We have access to a number of lenders who will provide finance specifically for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds to be able to purchase an investment property within the fund.


The Self-Managed Super Fund contributes a portion of the property via cash deposit from existing funds held and borrowing the remainder.


Policies do vary between our lenders, however this style of funding can be used to assist with purchasing residential, commercial and rural properties.


Variable and fixed interest rates are available, as well as interest only or principal and interest repayments. Some even offer 100% offset accounts. These features will depend on your specific needs.


Naturally, any funding in this area should be guided by your financial advisers, being your accountants and financial planners. However, we have a wide range of lenders, with varied product types who will assist in this market.


This has become one of our key niches at Taffy Finance. Not all lenders engage in this market and we are proud to say we can assist almost any need in this lending space, through our extensive lender network.