Niki Bowden has been working the finance industry since 1988, when she commenced work with Westpac/AGC in Toowoomba.


Over the course of the next 18 years she worked her way through a variety of roles, specializing in equipment finance.


This culminated in her appointment as Queensland State Manager for Westpac Equipment Finance in 2006.


Over time, Niki became frustrated with the lack of interaction with clients and managing their relationships.


This saw her move into more direct broking roles with a variety of smaller niche companies, which rejuvenated her desire to assist clients achieve financial goals through quality finance solutions. In October 2013, it became apparent the best way to expand on this and ensure clients remain part of her network permanently, was to join with her life partner Julian Bowden in the Taffy Finance business.


This has now seen her become proficient in all forms of finance and be able to manage client relationships for the long term.Niki is committed to this business as a part owner and does not see a time when she will not be working with our clients, for their long term success and to enhance or business growth.